Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Wide Plank Floors Created from American Pines

Our wide plank pine flooring originates from the majestic, towering pine forests that stretch across the northern tier and along the American Eastern Seaboard. The sheer size of these impressive evergreens has made pine a popular choice for flooring, wall paneling, log construction and decorative beams.

Heritage wide plank pine flooring is available in:

Eastern White Pine

Boards up to 20 inches. Golden color and distinctive knotting.

Heart Pine

Warm orange hue and cut from the "heartwood" of the Southern Longleaf Pine.

Red Pine

A warm, rich color with beautiful knots.

Heritage wide plank pine floors are available exclusively at Riverhead Building Supply and our Design showrooms throughout Long Island and Rhode Island. Contact us or request a catalog or sample. Thank you for considering Heritage for your wide plank flooring needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon.